Info Children

If your parents separate:

-Go to and either purchase fridge magnets or print a screen copy and put it on the fridge's of the two houses you live in.


-Set up a charity box for starving children in Africa and pressure the parent who sais bad things about the other parent to put $ 5 in it each time they say these bad things in front of you.

-Lawyers and Court fees can cost your parents tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tell your parents that you would rather the money go towards your future education, toys, sports and holidays as well as to help the starving children in Africa.

-Understand that once the court process starts it can be difficult to stop. It will often go on for years and years. In many cases it will keep going until you are no longer allowed to see one of your parents.

-Tell your parents that it is psychological child abuse to try and force you to choose between parents. This is what many world leading experts say: see Eeny Meeny Miney Mo.

-Understand that no one parent is better then the other. Each parent has different interests and skills that can help you.

-Tell your parents that for your best chances in life it is important that you get to see lots of both parents while you are growing up.

-Go to and download the 'Child's Bill of Rights' get both parents to sign 2 copies. Put a copy signed by mum and dad somewhere in the living area of mum's place and a copy signed by mum and dad in the living area of dad's place. Don't wait for them to get it framed, stick them to the wall using poster putty.

-Understand that both parents love you.

-Understand that you were not the cause of your parents divorce.

-If your parents decide to live in different houses try to get them to stay close to each other to make it easy for all your family to stay in contact.

-Do everything you can to stop one parent moving far away from the other one. Don't believe assurances that it will only be for a short while. In nearly all cases when parents move geographically apart after separation it will be permanent.

-Understand that if either of your parents take a new partner or spouse that it is great if they can be your friends, however they cannot be your mother or father.

-Ask your parents to buy or download for you some excellent books for children of divorce from Voice4Kids.

-Understand that just because one parent may not have seen you for a long time it is not because they do not want to see you. It could be because of Court Orders that could send them to prison if they try and contact you, it could be because they do not know where you are, it could be because the parent you are living with makes it difficult for them to contact you, it could be because they know every time they see you that the parent you are living with will cause you and them so much stress using Police, Lawyers and Prison.

-Understand that when your parents separate whoever gets to look after you the most gets lots more money than the other parent. In some countries if that parent cannot afford to pay they are sent to prison and in some cases have died.

-Having two parents involved in your life means that you can get the most help with school, sports, hobbies holidays, gifts etc.

-If you don't believe something your parents are telling you, search using you tube and google when you are away from your parents.

-Don't let either of your parents have passwords for your email or social media.

-If you feel ongoing pressure from one parent to be negative about the other parent tell them you will run away from home to stay with another relative.

-Be understanding that if one of your parents is telling you bad things about the other parent there are a lot of misunderstandings and pressure from the Government to do this and it is wrong. Do not however allow them to do it.

-Don't feel pressured by one parent to act as a spy against the other parent for the next Court case or to help them get some money off the other parent.

-Tell your parents

-If your parent's separation and divorce is causing you problems talk to the Pastor, Priest, Imam, Rabbi etc at your place of worship. Talk to your school psychologist, school friends, God Parents and both sets of uncles and aunts about the problem.

-Financial pressures during divorce forces many good parents to do things they would not normally do.

-If one or both of your parents sais bad things about the other, tell them that you do not want to hear it.