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Aaron4KidsFoundation Founded by father of 4 children and 3 other family members murdered due to our acrimonious & stressful family law system

Action on Parental Alienation

Divorce Pizza

Save A Childs Soul

Voice4Kids Includes the Balloon Challenge

Professional Association/Accreditation for Parental Alienation   Youtube

Alienated Children

Ryan Thomas

YouTube Video

Aimee Nichols

YouTube Video

Parental Alienation Hurts

YouTube Video

Chrissy Chrzanowski

Un-named Parental Alienation UK

Monique Leon

YouTube Video

Washington Adult who had been alienated as a child

YouTube Video

Trena Thompson

YouTube Video

Dana Laquidara


YouTube Video

Teenager in Austin came out of the crowd

YouTube Video

Brendan and JP Byrne

Addie speaks out

Felita Williams

Parental Alienation from a kids view

Kid of PAS

Story Written By 18 Year Old Child Previously Alienated

Reconnected with his father after 17 years of parental Alienation

Impact of Divorce on Children Consider The Children – Family Court of WA 6 year old child of Divorce

Dr Phil

Parental Alienation

YouTube Video

If I were appointed by the Court I would remove both of them for the care of the children until things were sorted out:

The biggest divorce mistakes that impact kids


Alienator removed from child until she can improve

Information on Parental Alienation: Richard Gardner Richard Gardner search on Parental Alienation, Dr Phil, children divorce etc Sweet and Sour Parental Alienation Excellent resource of books written by worldwide group of Parental Alienation experts in various languages Dr Richard Gardner search on Parental Alienation, Dr Phil, children divorce etc Excellent resource of books written by worldwide group of Parental Alienation experts in various languages

'Divorce Poison' by Richard Warshak

YouTube Video

Alienating parents do not really love their children - Dr Les Linet

On-line Parental-Alienation Information Courseby NCAPA

Excellent brochure by Time To Put Kids First on the value to children of shared parenting. Bob Geldof on Fathers

When Parents Split BBC Radio 2019


Folie à deux

                                        Ludwick Lowensteinmment o

n Child custody evaluations


Rod Mcall – tragic story !

Alienated mum Toni from Australia who re-united with her children with the help of Ryan Thomas !

Mara – mother of 6 children !

Irish mothers story of Parental Alienation

Kristi Beck – interviews with the most significant people in the movement (Alienated mum herself)


Dr Alexandra Stein


Voice4Kids Summit

Canadian Symposiums on Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Symposium Dallas USA 29 April 2017

Powerpoint presentations for download – be warned they are quite lengthy

International Conference on Shared Parenting Boston USA 29-30 May 2017

South Australian Parental Alienation Symposium 14 September 2017


7 March 2017

Both Parents Are Important To Children

8 November 2017

Russell Goodrick

Professor Augusto Zimmermann

Dr David Curl

29 August 2018

Bettina Arndt


21-23 October 2017 WASHINGTON USA

GRANDPARENTS Alienated Grandparents Association – includes elder abuse


YouTube Video

The Dad Documentary – Professionally made film about the problem of fatherlessness and Family Court in Australia

Forced Absence


Erasing Dad

Parental Alienation Documentary

Erasing Family – coming soon – donations needed


'Shared Physical Custody: Summary of 40 Studies on Outcomes for Children' 2018 by professor Linda Nielsen,

'Preschool children living in joint physical custody arrangements show less psychological symptoms than those living mostly or only with one parent', 2017 by Bergström, Fransson, Fabian, Hjern, Sarkadi and Salari

Fifty moves a year: is there an association between joint physical custody and psychosomatic problems in children? Bergström, Fransson, Modin, Berlin, Gustafsson, Hjern.'

Should Infants and Toddlers Have Frequent Overnight Parenting Time With Fathers? The Policy Debate and New Data' 2016 by Fabricus & Suh  Interview by Emma Johnson with Leading Women For Shared Parenting Leading Women For Shared Parenting Shared Parenting Council Of Australia National Parents Organisat 

Americans For Equal Shared Parenting

Caroline Norton and the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857


'The Good Karma Divorce' by Judge Michele Lowrance

'The Smart Divorce' by Deborah Moskovitch

'Tug of War' Judge Harvey Brownstone  lots of information about the value of a father in a child's life

Honest Ribbon – statistics on domestic violence Leading Women For Shared Parenting

List of Leading Women For Shared Parenting Organisation covering lots of chapters in the USA.

Punished For Being Parent

Better Options Initiative

The PinBall Machine The Family Separation Industry and Parental Alienation by pseudonym Trevor Cooper Psychiatrist Dr Christine Adams

Every Picture Tells a Story: INQUIRY Into Child Custody Arrangements In the Event of Family Separation (Australian Parliament) 2017 Australian Government Inquiry Into Family Violence 2018 Australian Government Inquiry Into Family Law 2020 Joint Select Committee on Australia's Family Law System OOn line family law help by artificial intelligence. A less stressful way of resolving family separation issues. Alienated Children First - Irelandby artificial intelligence.

On line family law help by artificial intelligence.